75 Guide: Shopping Sustainable

Springtime never fails to remind us how magnificent our planet is and how important it is to treat Mother Nature with kindness so she can remain beautiful. As the seasons begin to change, shopping sustainable is one way we can make a positive impact on the environment and upgrade your wardrobe. Fashion sustainability focuses on the combination of eco-friendly textile, shoe, and accessory production and consumer behaviors, and its rising popularity is not just a trend. Sustainable fashion is an end goal that the industry is working towards every day. 75 Degrees & Fuzzy’s Earth-friendly collection is the perfect mix of sustainable and stylish!


75’s 100% linen jumper is a spring and summer must-have! The flowy fit will keep you cool, and the linen is plastic-free, so when it’s washed, harmful microplastics will not contaminate the water. These comfy staples also come in a variety of colors for all your seasonal needs! 

Shop this look: Linen Jumpsuit 

This stunning single-shoulder top is perfect for chill days in or nights out! Made locally in Los Angeles, this tank produces far less greenhouse gas emissions due to the short-distance shipping. Denim shorts are a must for the coming sunny days as well. Daze Denim uses laser technology instead of water to distress their fabric, and they are an 80% sustainable company!

Shop this look: True Love Pink One Shoulder Tank, Blue Bird Jean Shorts  

This sustainable outfit gives us all the beachy vibes! The light grey tank is 100% cotton made with no plastic, so the fabric is biodegradable. Same as the jumpsuit, these lightweight pants are 100% linen, perfect for a warm day! 

Shop this look: Malibu Grey Basic Tank, Breezy Linen Pants  


Finally, these Daze Jeans are not only a spring staple but a year-round must-have! They are also distressed with laser technology to save water, and the company’s eco-friendly initiatives surpass those of several other denim brands.

Shop this look: Wild & Free Denim Jeans   

Dress your best for spring and summer by shopping sustainable, and save the planet!