Channeling Your Inner Cher Horowitz

1990’s style is back, and it’s giving all the Clueless vibes! Cher Horowitz, portrayed by actress Alicia Silverstone, in the 1995 Rom-Com is famous for her lively character and iconic fashion. Clueless taught us a number of life lessons, and Cher has become a model for style and confidence across generations of young women. Whether it’s learning to drive or navigating your love life, there are many ways we can become a little bit more like Cherbut not as Clueless. Here are some tips to channel your inner, modern-day Cher!

Skirts and sweaters, a match made in heaven

When it comes to Cher and 90’s fashion, sweaters and pleated skirts are a must when building your wardrobe. A solid or patterned tennis skirt is a staple piece that can be paired with a cardigan, pullover, or button-up sweater that makes for a perfect springtime look!

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Have a friend like Dee by your side

Cher and her best friend, Dionne (Dee), are truly fashion queens. Always serving looks, the two walk with confidence and constantly support one another. Having a person like Dee in your life to help pick you up when you’re down is one of the best relationships to have. Also, never forget to let that person know how much you love and appreciate them!


Patterns make perfect

… Especially plaid! If we learn one thing from Cher, it’s that anybody can rock plaid. In the last few years, plaid-patterned clothing became trendy again, and we are loving it! Pair a plaid skirt, pants, or jacket with some matching solids/other prints, and you’re set. 

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Maintain a healthy mindset


As I always say, confidence is key. Like all of us, Cher has her moments of self-doubt and personal struggle, but overall she is a confident character with class and sass! To fully embody your inner Cher, always remember you are beautiful, strong, and successful. 


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Do what makes you happy, wear what makes you confident, and your modern-day Cher Horowitz will shine through!