Fashion Trends to Know This Summer

As summertime slowly approaches, we begin to swap our jeans for shorts and our sweaters for tanks. This seasonal style shift can be exciting and fun, but others may feel it is nothing short of stressful. We all wonder what new trends and styles are going to be the hot topic of the upcoming season, and we want to buy the right clothes to boost our style. If you find it difficult to shop for the new season, or if you just want to see what’s new and trendy, we have you covered! Here are some of the most fashionable styles you need for Summer 2021.

Colorful Midis

Starting with a classic, we have a colorful and loose midi dress. These dresses are a summertime staple for a number of reasons. They are lightweight and will keep you cool when it’s hot and humid. Colors express energy and prosperity, which is brought to us by the long summer days. Finally, midi dresses are as they sound: in the middle! They can be dressed up or down for a flexible summer piece. 

Shop this look: Anfal Dress in Yellow and Pale Pink 


Button-Downs for Everything

Button-down shirts have quickly become a necessity for fashion through several seasons. They can be worn fitted for a professional look, but this summer, we love an oversized button-down. Find a white, colorful, or patterned blouse to be worn over outfits or as a cover-up to the beach. They are versatile and lightweight, which is a perfect combo for summer!

Shop this look: Soft Loving White Button Down 


Prints, prints, and more prints

Animal prints have made their comeback! Today’s fashion is all about statement pieces, and animal prints are perfect for a fun edge to any outfit. This summer, we especially love zebra and cow prints on anything from bucket hats to trousers. Our favorite zebra print maxi dress is flattering and flowy, making it a perfect fit for your summertime activities!

Shop this look: Zebra Striped Flowy Dress 


Buckets as Hats 

Bucket hats have been a summertime essential for decades now. Our 75 Bucket Hat comes in four different patterns to match your outfits for all your summer outings! It’s always important to shade your face from the shining sun, and these make a perfect accessory to spice up your beach day attire.   

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The summer heat is coming, and the beach is waiting! When preparing your summer wardrobe, remember these fresh and trendy tips!