Shop these Earth-Friendly, Women-Owned Businesses this Earth Day

Celebrated across the globe, Earth Day 2021 marks the 51st year of this holiday’s helpful traditions. From walking instead of driving to going the entire day without waste, anyone can partake in saving the environment, one small act at a time. At 75 Degrees & Fuzzy, we’re taking action by launching our new sustainable clothing line. To make that even better, this Earth Day, we collaborated with two other earth-friendly, women-owned businesses to promote sustainable fashion and small business. Meet the wonderful faces behind our eco-friendly favorites!

Layna - 75 Degrees and Fuzzy

When 75 Degrees and Fuzzy was established in the fall of 2019, the business was “unintentionally sustainable,” Layna said in an interview. She began purchasing clothes from sample sales, where items would be thrown away if not purchased. After 75 Degrees and Fuzzy took off, she began focusing more on sustainability in fashion, trying to purchase pieces made of 100% cotton, linen, and without plastic. As fast fashion companies generate tons of waste every year, Layna hopes more brands can move in a more eco-friendly direction and consumers will use their power to support companies who are ethical, Earth-friendly, and fashionable! 

This year, 75 Degrees and Fuzzy also teamed up with Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo’s Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) Club to create an Earth Day awareness t-shirt. 15 percent of the proceeds from purchases of this specially-designed tee will be donated to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a civil rights organization fighting for social justice across America. Sustainability comes in many forms, social and environmental are our focuses this Earth Day. “We should try to leave [Earth] better than we found it,” Layna stated.

Instagram: @75degreesandfuzzy

Malia - Her Fruit

Inspired by the world of fashion from a young age, Malia started Her Fruit in 2020 after studying sustainable fashion design and marketing abroad in Italy. Found at the intersection of art, reuse, and fashion, Her Fruit “revolves around sustainability,” Malia stated in an interview. The brand is a unique collection of upcycled garments and accessories handcrafted from thrifted fabrics and materials. “I try to take something that someone gave away, and I make it into something new that someone else would want to purchase,” Malia added when describing her business’ trash-to-treasure philosophy. 

 By upcycling already existing pieces, designers and consumers can reduce fashion waste and maximize their sustainability efforts. Malia emphasized the importance of education when it comes to environmentalism because consumers cannot be aware of the harm their favorite brands are doing to the planet without knowledge of it. She continued to encourage supporting small businesses and purchasing from resellers to promote recycled clothing in the fashion industry. 

 Stay tuned for a new collection dropping soon on the Her Fruit website linked below!


Instagram: @shopherfruit

Shop this look: Tea with Queen Cardi by Her Fruit

Helen - Charming Little Lotus

Charming Little Lotus is a sustainable, handmade jewelry brand made by Helen with primarily recycled sterling silver and entirely recyclable packaging! When discussing the business, Helen claimed sustainability is a part of who she is, so starting this brand six years ago reflected her passion for environmentalism while incorporating Mindfully Handcrafted pieces of jewelry. She noted, “to care for [our home] we have to think about the resources we’re using.” Unethical precious metal and stone mining is a significant environmental issue seen around the world today. Charming Little Lotus does its part in mitigating that problem by using recycled and scrap metal and synthetic stones when necessary. 

 Achieving jewelry sustainability is an essential step that must be taken because everyone can make small changes to contribute to the bigger change, she said. Helen thinks of Earth Day as a way to bring attention to the sustainability efforts being made by so many, but she stressed, “Earth Day should be every day.”

 Website:, Use coupon code EARTH20 for 20% off any purchase 4/22-4/30!

Instagram: @charminglittlelotus

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