The Original "About Us"

Hi there! My name is Layna Hathaway, co-founder of 75 Degrees and Fuzzy!

What feels like a few short years ago, I was a little girl who loved playing dress up and performing what I believed to be show stopping musicals in my living room.  My friends would join me in constructing crazy outfits for our pretend performances as rockstars, ballerinas, and princesses. 

Our story began, years ago, with my love of fashion and shows. 

As I grew older, I unfortunately had less time for performances & pretend as I had to chose between soccer and musical theatre for my teen years.  My days and nights quickly filled with school, soccer games and practices, volunteering, and when time permitted, creative activities. One of my favorite creative outlets was  to construct outfits for the next school day, event, or social (OH, BTW...still is a favorite activity).

While I stopped singing to my parents in the living room, I still had an immense love and passion for dressing up according to who I wanted to be that given day. I approached each day by thinking about what aspect of my personality I wanted to portray through my clothes. Would I wear bright and bold pieces to showcase my confident nature? A shirt with a funny or meaningful message to illustrate my sense of humor and compassion? Or would I style my soccer game day uniform to depict my love for my team?

Every day granted me an opportunity to express myself. 

During the fall of my senior year, I received a third concussion playing in a soccer game. I was told that I couldn’t play, unless I wanted to risk damaging my brain further, so I suddenly had an immense amount of free time. 

After a day or two of pondering how to fill the empty void, I reached out to my best friend, Mom, to see if we could go shop sample sales in the LA Fashion District. This was an activity I grew up loving, but had foregone since my schedule had become impacted. 

I spent much of my extra time scavenging the magical warehouse buildings for unique pieces that I could add to my wardrobe. Eventually, my friends and peers couldn’t help but notice the eclectic and bold pieces I was bringing back. In fact, many girls began to ask me to shop for them. However, I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of personal shopping, so instead I spontaneously teamed up with my mom to start a clothing business.

We obtained our wholesale license and began using our beautiful and supportive friends as models, photographers, mentors, and hosts of our Pop Up Sales. Eleven months later, we are moving into our first location and are building a website.

We want you to know that when you shop 75 Degrees and Fuzzy, you aren’t just buying clothes. You're purchasing pieces that my mom and I researched and handpicked from the Los Angeles Fashion District and from some vendors at the show MAGIC. Our pieces exude high quality characteristics as nothing is added to our inventory unless we see and feel it in person. The handpicking of products ensures the materials and styles of the clothing will be able to withstand everyday life and keep up with modern trends.

At 75 Degrees and Fuzzy we are proud to offer clothing to the real women of the world that are never too old for dress up. Whether you’re still pretending to be a rockstar,  whether you’ve settled down, or  whether you’re still figuring it ALL out, we welcome you to have fun with us.

We can’t wait to help you find pieces that reflect you on any given day.

Please text or DM us to collaborate as we love working and inspiring each other! Together, let us enjoy the journey and create while giving back to the environment and mankind...more to come on this soon!!

XOXO Layna + Tanya (Mom)