Hawaiian Mopping Slippers

Hawaiian Mopping Slippers

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Immediately everyone has happy feet.
 I don’t tell them that they are actually cleaning my wooden, tile and cork floors as they walk around.  
Like an old fashioned dust mop, these terry cloth wonders do the same job.  

Near the sink, all splashes are absorbed.  Near the pet bowls, all drips are wiped up.   When guests leave, these slippers pop right into the wash along with the days kitchen towels and get softer and better with each wash.  

After a long day and a long soak in my tub, I slather my feet with a deeply penetrating  foot cream and slip into a pair of these as I pad around the house closing it down for the night. They come in sizes for every foot in the house.

Comfy and cozy like a hug for your feet with Terry on the bottom.

footbed length:

small: 10.5" 

medium: 11"

large: 11.5"

100% cotton up-cycled kantha quilts

machine wash/dry

Made in India