Style Inspo by the Gals of 75

Here at 75, we work with ladies with of all styles & sizes. Read more about some of our favorite gals and how they love to style themselves. 

I’m Coral :). My style is a mixture of a lot of things! I like to experiment and try out things that are fun and new. I tend to stick to a more boho/beachy style but I also have been loving the somewhat western kind of look. I’m 19 years old and I work at a surf shop most days, but I also create content for social media part time! I love the beach, surfing, skating, painting, playing music, and traveling.

 In tops I tend to be a small/medium, in jeans I’m a waist size 26/27 or sometimes even a 28 in certain brands, in dresses I’m a small, and I’m 5’8”/5’9”ish in height!I tend to like my clothes to fit baggier in general, although I normally style my outfits with baggy bottoms and tight top or the other way around with a baggy top and tight bottoms.
 I am a social media content creator focused on fashion & lifestyle. I love dressing cute & comfy, but most importantly wearing unique pieces! I love traveling, going on adventures, skiing, skating & surfing! Im 19 & moved from minnesota to california by myself to pursue social media, meeting new people & traveling🤍

 top: small
jeans: 25-26 depending on the style of jeans, if they are skinny jeans or a tighter fit I size up!
dress: small
height: 5’3 (& a half, the half is important;))

I usually like my clothes to fit differently! So I like my top to be tight and my jeans to be loose or vis versa.
Hi! My name is Angela and I specialize in content creation on social media. I enjoy keeping up with trends in fashion, while showcasing my personal taste ranging from elevated basics to street style. Outside of social media, you can find me at local gigs performing live music or modeling for other businesses as freelance work.

Top: small
Jeans: 25, I prefer it to be slightly bigger if not true to size
Dress: small
Height: 5’7

Comfortability is crucial for me so I tend to wear clothes that are either a true to size or oversized fit.