Our Story

Hi everyone! Layna Hathaway here– one of the co-founders of 75 Degrees and Fuzzy. 

The story of our brand begins many years ago when I was just a little girl who loved putting on what I believed to be show-stopping performances in my childhood living room. What made the shows so incredible, in my humble opinion, were the crazy costumes that I would construct to embody the different characters that I wished to play. From a princess, to a rockstar, and everything in between I could always be found digging through my dress up drawer to find something that I could wear to perform.

While I aged out of at-home theater productions, expressing myself through my clothing choices was something that stuck with me throughout my entire childhood and young adult life. I was always caught wearing printed fuzzy jackets throughout middle school and wearing heeled boots and vibrant dresses in my 6:45am zero period class in highschool. 

Now, if you would have asked what my “life plan” would have been at the ripe age of 16, I would have likely told you how I dreamed of playing collegiate soccer and spent almost everyday on the soccer field. My love for soccer and my teammates laid the foundation for my passion of empowering other women and working together to create something meaningful. Unfortunately, during my senior year of high school I received my third concussion (yes, I am clumsy) that took me out of the game. With lots of extra time on my hands, I did what any clothing obsessed18 year old would do… turned to retail therapy. 

My mom (& life long bestie) and I would make the drive to the Los Angeles Fashion District almost every weekend to do sample sale shopping. We spent many of our days exploring the magical showrooms and warehouse buildings for unique pieces that I could add to my ever growing wardrobe. As this hobby grew, so did the interest of my peers. I was stopped in the halls and at the lunch tables about the different outfits I wore to school and began buying items to sell and gift to my friends. While this was exciting, I didn’t love the idea of becoming a personal shopper so I spontaneously pitched the idea of starting a business to my mom. In classic Tanya fashion, she wanted in!

We started buying in bulk and hosting pop-up sales in our living room and friend’s homes where friends could come to shop for school dances, back to school, vacation, and all the occasions in between. However, our business began to outgrow living rooms and we began to sell our clothes at local markets and fairs. 

When September of 2019 came along it was time for me to head off to school at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, but I wasn’t quite ready to leave the business behind. Together, my mom and I found co-ops and collaborative business spaces to sell our products in San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, and eventually, Carlsbad. My mom managed the inventory and the store locations while I worked on our ever growing website. 

Eventually, during 2020, we found a home at 520 Grand Ave, in the heart of Carlsbad Village. It was our first store of our own and we were passionate about making it the perfect place for women of all ages and sizes to feel inspired, confident, and welcome to shop and define their own unique style. We began seeking out brands with a story of sustainability or goodness behind them and curated collections for the beach girl, working woman, jet setter, trend expert, wedding guest, and everyone in between. We paired these collections with everyday, high quality basics that can allow all women, regardless of size, feel confident and comfortable. 

Here at 75, we believe you’re never too old to play dress up and that you should always wear your heart on your sleeve. Your shopping experience with us is centered around helping you find your confidence and dressing to express yourself for the big and small, simple moments of life. 

 You can shop with us in-store at 520 Grand Ave, Carlsbad or here, online!