The Ultimate Guide for Staying Home & Stylin

This last year inside has felt inexplicably long for some, while others may have felt it fly by. Either way, we have all been spending our lives inside and we’ve had to make the best of it! When trying to take on virtual responsibilities, such as work and school, from the comfort of your home, it can be difficult to concentrate, even after a year of social distancing. Here are some essential tips and tricks for being the most productive person you can be while staying safe at home!

Have a dedicated focus space

Although working from your bed all day is a dream come true, having a dedicated space in your home for work or school can let your brain know that it’s time to focus. Being productive is still important, so we want to make sure to be functioning at our best. Having a desk or space on the dining room table is a safe bet for concentration. An added bonus is having good lighting, and maybe some cute decorations like an indoor plant or aesthetically pleasing stationary!


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Dress for success

You may have heard the quote, “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” This is a similar concept, but it’s more focused on your personal achievements. When dressing and feeling put-together on the day of an exam or presentation, you will look and feel prepared and perform better overall. Wear what makes you feel like you can take on any challenges that come your way!

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Look cute and feel cozy

Let’s be real, we spend most of our days in baggy sweats and t-shirts, and there’s nothing wrong with that… but staying inside is the perfect time to rock matching loungewear sets! Wearing a coordinating outfit is the perfect trick to getting motivated. This fuzzy set is perfect for a chill day, but wearing it will make you want to get up and active!

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Bedtime is the best time

The world can seem hectic so it’s important to remember that spending a little extra time in bed is good for you! Relaxing your mind and body regularly is essential to leading a happy and prosperous life. Use some extra time after a long week to get an extra hour of sleep, read a book, or stream a movie to get your mind off of the things that may be weighing you down. 


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